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Hillview 2013-

Most of my work involves the making of series of images which implies a different order of time and suggests a story.

I try to create images  that encourage the viewer to spend time looking, where details reveal themselves slowly.

In this series I have used the medium of colour photography to  explore the natural environment and the  human presence.It is  a process of looking and making images which say something about a particular place over a long period of time.

Heinrich Reserve and Lime Kiln Bay. 2014 

In this body of work I wanted to convey a sense of time that is concerned with the natural world,

something that speaks of the ground, tidal flow, the inundation of leaves , the continuous reshaping of place. 

The aim was to produce a body of work that spoke of the past and present, the  mingling of cultures, evidenced by the remains of pathways, bridges, and a fragile coexistence of botanical specimens

Bush Series. 2004

This was a photographic investigation of remnant bush located in forests and parks in the southern and western regions of Sydney, the remains of native bush and trees of the Cumberland Plain.

In this series I was also exploring  the idea that when we enter the bush a different set of sensibilities comes into play. There is an emphasis on light, shade, curved volumes and minute details.

 The Mother Load. by Cindy Packard.

From the series of 12 End papers.1998.

Silver gelatin photographs.

51cm x 61cm.

Sebasterpole Heathcote 002.jpg

Heathcote National Park. NSW.

Mountain peak. Hillview. 

Claremont Meadows 1980 -2006
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